A solo version of “Reduction Sketch,” from my first album with the Suite Unraveling, performed live in studio at the Guitar World headquarters in Manhattan!

See the original article here.

The Suite Unraveling’s music is available via Tzadik records by clicking here.

One thought to “VIDEO: “Reduction Sketch” solo performance for Guitar World!”

  1. Lily……I was surfing the web and discovered you. We never met as I’m not sure you were
    Born yet But your Dad Wes a good friend of mine. And it saddens me that he has passed. But I can see that he still lives through you and your playing. I would very much like to talk to you sometime if you have time. My
    Home phone is 7707201861 and my cell is
    7703646722. I was raised in Albuquerque
    And now live in Atlanta. Steve played a few
    Gigs with my band back when he was in the Sunday Funnies. He worked at Reidling music
    And I worked down the street at Mays music.
    Hope to hear from you .
    Bob Utter

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