About the Band

The Reckoning is a new project from veteran NYC guitarist and composer Lily Maase, featuring an all-star lineup culled from the best of Brooklyn’s underground rock and roll.

This is the first formal offering in the genre from one of the strongest women in the business, a guitarist whose roots straddle the grit of New York City and the Curandera culture of the American southwest.  She is the second generation in a family of guitarists who have been in the industry since before the Beatles, a two-time title holder at Shred For Your Life, and acknowledged as a force to be reckoned with by all who have invited her to share the stage.

Buried in Wicked Light is a collaboration between Ms. Maase and veteran vocalist Russian-turned-New Yorker Andrey ‘Cheggi’ Chegodaev, a loosely-structured rock opera whose inspiration is drawn in equal parts from the guitarist’s personal experience and from folklore shared among Mexican-American women in the community where she was born.  The album chronicles a woman’s journey from a point of near-collapse as an adult, backward through the challenges of her youth in an unwavering, wide-eyed reckoning with the past, its effect on the present, and the transformative power of choosing to release the burdens we carry in service of finding the future we deserve.

Written partly from the composer’s perspective and partly as a series of imagined letters from the composer’s mother, Buried in Wicked Light was conceived in a female voice and given with intention to a male singer to demonstrate that the personal struggles of identity, trauma and recovery unify us in their power to transcend the notions of man and woman, self and other, past and present–that each of us, regardless of origin, orientation or creed, is made equal by the necessity of reckoning with the challenges within ourselves.

Buried in Wicked Light was made possible in part by Spark & Echo Arts, who commissioned the album as a part of a year-long residency offered to the composer in 2017.

Studio Personnel

Andrey ‘Cheggi’ Chegodaev – voice

Lily Maase – all guitars, voice

Don W Berger – bass, voice

Curt Garey – drums

Live Personnel

Andrey ‘Cheggi’ Chegodaev – voice

Lily Maase – guitars, voice

Tia Vincent-Clark – guitars, voice

Nick Jost – bass

Kyle Jacques – drums

Test run of the live band, many thanks to Max Fish for hosting!